Monday, May 07, 2007

Goodbye...for now?

It has literally taken three days to recover from Thursday night and Friday morning !

After five weeks of solid campaigning by a great team, we didn't make it, although we did increase our vote by over 1800.

Indeed, our target of 6500 to win was just missed, and we certainly did not expect either the Lib-Dem and the Labour vote to collapse in the way it did.

Congratulations to Gareth Jones for a very good campaign and, for a first-time politician, I have certainly learnt a lot of lessons which will be digested if I decide to ride this rollercoaster again.

Back to the worlds of academia and business for now - future comments will be back on the professor who shoots from the hip blog


Anonymous said...

Now thats the way to say good bye I hope you do ride the beast again
may be I will join you next time and we can compare blogs
may be by then I will have found a political hearth to warm at
You deserved to be in the cardiff bay as did your mate glyn never mind ways and means still open

Anonymous said...

I second that motion

oscar said...

As an Aberconwy resident,it is obvious to me how hard you and your team worked.
I have never had so many conservative bits through my door!!
Thank you.
May be get them printed localy next time??
All the best

dewi_o said...

It's only two or three years until the General Election. I'm sure the voters of Penrhyn Bay, Deganwy and Craig y Don would like a Conservaive MP. The General Election will be much harder for Plaid especially without such a well known popular and local candidate like Gareth Jones.