Friday, December 08, 2006


Like many, I was surprised by the piece on Dragon's Eye last night where Plaid Cymru finally let their guard down and made clear their position on the armed forces in Wales. This follows on from another story earlier this week when Assembly member Leanne Wood accused the Army of targeting poorer schools for recruits, although it then became clear that, as usual, Plaid were wrong and that the Armed Forces only visit when they are invited in by the headteacher and, more importantly, only as part of specific career sessions.

As if shooting themselves in one foot wasn’t bad enough, their President has now decided to shoot his Party in the other foot. Dafydd Iwan has put forward the notion that in his utopia of an ‘independent’ Wales, the British Army would be thrown out with only a few soldiers remaining to defend our nation.

Of course, what he forgot to mention is that there are over 6,000 defence jobs in Wales, including hundreds who work at RAF Valley in Anglesey. Certainly, having been involved in the early stages of the development of an airport link at Valley, I can tell you that the North South Air Link announced last week could not have been financially possible without having a fully functioning RAF base at Valley.

More importantly, it shows that Plaid Cymru are finally revealing themselves a few months before the Assembly election as a separatist, socialist party which would leave our nation defenceless in the future.

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