Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Plaid to back Labour?

Today is crunch day in the Assembly in more ways than one.

The 13th of December 2006 could be the day when Plaid Cymru finally reveal their true colours and back the Labour Administration in the Assembly over the most crucial element of the Assembly - its budget.

I hope this will finally bury the false impression that the nationalists are propagating in North Wales that "there is not much difference between Plaid Cymru and the Conservatives".


Martin Eaglestone said...

Hi Dylan. Just catching up with your blog. The budget vote seems practical politics and Rhodri emerges as First Minister andf with a budget. Opposition voices need to think about last week's joint media platform - by now some people look pretty stupid. The Emperors had no clothes !

Dylan Jones-Evans said...


Interesting viewpoint but obviously not one I agree with!

Your call for "Vote Eaglestone Get Wigley" now has a slightly more ironic ring to it!!

More seriously, the performance of some Plaid members - most notably Dai Lloyd - brought the Assembly into disrepute.

I would hate to think what the electorate of Aberconwy would think about such a performance which belonged in the schoolyard and not within the confines of our democratic body.