Sunday, January 28, 2007

Canvassing in Conwy

The Canvassing team were out in Conwy on Saturday pushing our key message of saving the NHS. Councillors from Degany and Penrhyn bay came out to support the Conwy team in putting our message across.

I spent over two hours with Councillor Dennis Tew (pictured) walking up and down the streets of Conwy - at this rate, there will be little point in buying a treadmill to get fit and lose weight (and Dennis put me to shame walking up the hills around the town).

Politics, the new diet and exercise regime!!!

There is definitely a growing swell towards the Conservatives within the area and, more importantly, we had the opportunity to discuss our policies on the front door with many people.

It is also worth noting how many people are against not only Labour, but any party which will prop them up in the Assembly after May. "Enough is enough" is the clear message from the people in Conwy and they certainly do not want to see Rhodri Morgan returned as First Minister in May, propped up by either Plaid Cymru or the Lib-Dems.

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