Sunday, March 11, 2007

Council tax hypocrisy

Many council taxpayers across North Wales will be shocked at the hypocrisy demonstrated by the group of Labour AMs to protest at the increase in the police precept, as reported in the Daily Post on Saturday.

They have the gall to complain at the average rise of £2.93 a year when Labour has presided over a doubling of council tax bills since coming to power, a situation which is the direct result of Assembly decisions to pass more burdens to local authorities without any accompanying funding.

Their double standards regarding the police precept is compounded by the deafening silence by the same Assembly Members regarding the abolition of the rural rate relief scheme for small businesses. Thanks directly to Labour Government policy, thousands of small rural firms across North Wales are now facing the prospect of finding hundreds of pounds to pay their rates bills in a few weeks time.

On May 3rd, the voters of North Wales will not forget that it is the Labour Party, at both Westminster and Cardiff Bay, that have taxed individuals and businesses to the hilt during the last eight years and, despite additional billions being spent in Wales, have left us in a situation where local hospitals, schools and post offices are still being closed down across the region.


Anonymous said...

The Isitfair Campaign, has been calling for the reform of the council tax system. We are a nationwide campaign with groups across the conctry. Some in Wales.
Please sign the petition started by one of our members
This tax has got to go. Any new tax must take into account ability to pay from income.
Remember, People - not properties- pay tax

Martin Eaglestone said...

Dylan, don't you think the pensioners of Aberconwy will be delighted with your South and Mid Wales Tory colleagues who decided to impose a 6.7% tax increase on them in the North ?.

Dylan Jones-Evans said...

Martin, you should get your facts right, as I have pointed out in detail on your own blog.

The increase relates to the police precept only and will cost around £3 per year for the average household. It only makes up a very small part of the counil tax bill which, of course, has doubled under Labour since 1997.

The pensioners of Aberconwy are already delighted with the £100 we will be taking from their council bills as part of our manifesto.

They also want safer streets which, thanks to your government's botched reorganisation plans , means that North Wales Police Authority have been put in an almost impossible situation, as appreciated by one Labour councillor on the Authority who wanted a 15 per cent increase in the precept.

This is one glass house where Labour candidates should not be throwing too many stones.