Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Plaid Cymru leaflet

Amazing leaflet from Plaid Cymru in Aberconwy which paints the seat as a straight fight between Gareth Jones and Denise Idris Jones, as it was in 2003.

Um, perhaps someone has forgotten to tell them that the boundaries of the seat has changed and that even anti-Tory commentators are agreeing that the Conservatives have an excellent chance of capturing this seat.

Indeed, Plaid Cymru fail to mention the Conservatives at all within their leaflet, but of course, as certain individuals within Plaid Cymru's team on the doorstep have been telling our activists, "we are Conservatives really but with a Welsh tinge"!

Interesting then that, in 2005, they were happy to call themselves the only "genuine socialist party in Wales" which is probably why they would, as their former leader Dafydd Wigley has hinted, be happy to go into coalition with Labour and prop up Rhodri Morgan's discredited Government for another four years.

So contrary to what Gareth Jones' leaflet says, it is clear that Plaid Cymru,as they claim, would not 'unseat Labour's incompetent government in Cardiff' but would support it for another four years.

It will be interesting to note what voters in Aberconwy will have to say on the matter as Plaid Cymru cannot have it both ways!


Anonymous said...

Dylan, you've hit the nail on the head.

This is the major problem that Plaid Cymru have. Are they a socialist party as represented by their assembly members in South Wales or actually 'Conservative with a Welsh tinge' as seems to be their claim in North Wales? They can't have it both ways and no matter how long they try to put it off, they will have to answer the question soon.

Martin Eaglestone said...

Why does anyone find this surprising ?? Plaid have more faces than leaders - and thats difficult !

Dylan Jones-Evans said...

Martin - is that why you are so keen to have another one - Dafydd Wigley - in the Assembly! :)