Thursday, March 08, 2007

Llandudno - the second happiest place in the UK

Great story on the BBC website today on Llandudno being the second happiest town in the UK.

This follows Bill Bryson's comment on Llandudno being his "favourite seaside resort".

I am sure it will finally become the happiest place in the UK on May 4th when it elects a Conservative for the seat of Aberconwy :)


Martin Eaglestone said...

and with a 6.7% council tax increase, imposed by your South Wales colleagues, for your pensioners an even happier place !! ?

Dylan Jones-Evans said...

You seem to have got this wrong Martin. It is only the police precept which has been increased by 6.75%, not the overall council tax.

In addition, you seem to conveniently forget that under the Labour Government, average council tax bills have doubled in Wales.

And I am sure many pensioners across North Wales will be content, if not happy, with the recent pledge by the Welsh Conservatives to give them £100 off their council tax bills.