Saturday, April 21, 2007

Labour mauled on health policies

Back to the World Socialist website, which has decided to maul the Labour Party in Wales over their NHS policies.

"Hospitals face closures, debts mount, waiting lists have grown, jobs are cut and skilled health professionals cannot find posts. It is small consolation to have a free prescription when the local hospital has closed or you have to wait for months for a routine operation".

Jonathan Morgan couldn't have said it better in the Welsh Conservative manifesto!

One point of interest in the article is the extra money that was to be made available to general practitioners (GPs) to increase their responsibilities and take on services transferred to them from the hospitals as part of a programme of community-based care.

It is particularly disturbing that the Assembly allegedly tried to blackmail doctors in cutting their services and I am surprised that the media has not picked up on this scandal

With comrades like these, who needs enemies....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. By the way, what do you think of this?

Dylan Jones-Evans said...

Dwi yn cytuno yn llwyr.

Mae datganoli o dan Lafur yng Nghymru am wyth mlynedd wedi, yn anffodus, canoli mwy o'r gwasanaethau a'r penderfyniadau sydd yn effiethio bywydau pobl ym mhob cymuned yng Nghymru.

Mae'n anghenrheidiol fod pobl lleol yn cael mwy o ddylanwad ar eu ysgolion (e.g. cau ysgolion yng Nghwynedd) eu hysbytai (ymygyrch Ysbyty Llandudno) ac ar helpu busnesion lleol (cael gwared o'r WDA a creu bwystfil DEIN o fewn
y Cynulliad).

Os fydd Llafur yn ol mewn pwer ar ol Mai £ydd, Duw a wyr beth fydd am ddigwydd i'n gwlad fach.