Monday, April 09, 2007

Wake up and smell the coffee

Yet again, the First Minister rubbishes the possibility of any coalition after the election and says that Labour's manifesto is the only one that can be implemented.

Ah yes, promising NHS waiting times to come down, we have heard that one before.

Bleak times under the tories...very original...ask the pensioners I have been talking to about bleak times thanks to Gordon Brown's pensions scandal.

Rhodri just doesn't get it - nor do any of his advisors.

The majority of the people of Wales don't want Labour and would be more than happy to have a non-Labour alternative on May 4th. The question is whether the parties can agree on a coalition deal after then and there is no reason why this cannot be the case if some of the politicians against this actually woke up and smelt the coffee.

Perhaps Rhodri, before slagging off coalitions, should look over the Irish Sea to his favourite economy.

Ireland has developed and matured politically and economically through a series of coalition governments over the last two decades. It is about time Wales grew up too and looked to a non-Labour future where a four year policy programme agreed by coalition partners could make a real difference to this nation.

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Marcusian said...

Im sorry, but the 'tory led wales will be a disaster' is a very pertinent message to many people who were ravaged by Thatcher and Major. People suffered acutely under the tories in the valleys, they will not forget that because the scars are still there and so is the near hatred of the tories.

No matter what people think of the Labour led assembly, you must accept there is a reason why the tories have never had a foothold in Wales, and only Proportional Representation has saved their extinction.

Norman Lamont said that high unemployment was a price to pay for the traditional tory government, remember that 'price' involves poor families in Wales...