Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Youth Vote

Accepted an invitation, with some trepidation, to appear on the S4C youth programme Hacio, which was recorded last night at Tafarn y Rhos. All four parties sent representatives and I was very glad that Suzy Davies came up all the way from Brecon to support me - that's devotion to the political cause for you.

Not surprisingly, I was called a "middle aged man in a suit" by one of my younger opponents but I have heard worse during the last few weeks, I can assure you!

I am sure one of the other panellists -Martin Eaglestone - will blog on this too!

The programme consisted of a series of questions from a panel of four young people on issues such as education, agriculture, health and wellbeing and transport.

It was a very lively affair and one of the members of Ffermwyr Ifanc on the panel was outstanding - she should seriously consider a career in politics!
She clearly demonstrated the importance of this excellent organisation to developing young people in rural Wales.

I won't tell you the result but the on heartening thing is that one of the four panellists came up to me afterwards and said that s/he would vote Conservative.

So, we now have 25% of the youth vote!

After this TV moment, back to the hard work of canvassing today!


Glyn Davies AM said...

I've agreed to do the same thing in Cardiff in a fortnight's time. I suppose they'll call me an old man in a suit. I need some tips.

Dylan Jones-Evans said...

Actuallt it was easily dealt with as it came from one of Plaid's young candidates on the programme (who was really nice actually!)

I just called them hypocrites because not only do we have the youngest candidate in Craig Morgan, but the average age of the five main Plaid Cymru candidates in North Wales is 60!!

So much for looking to the future!

Glyn Davies AM said...

I shall store this information up - but its Craig Williams and he's one of our little team from Welshpool who are making a mark on the Party !

Martin Eaglestone said...

I did blog briefly, but have decided to be very polite, in public at least, about a certain candidiates efforts (not Dylan, Plaid or myself !) but Hacio have a brilliant outtake programme in the can !!!!!

Neither have I spolit the result but I think it roughly reflected our ages - and at 47 I was the oldest panelist present !