Monday, April 23, 2007

The unacceptable face of blogging

For the first time ever, I have had to delete a comment from an anonymous blogger who decided it would be clever to have a go at my wife and kids. As you are obviously a parent at my children's local school, let's just hope you have the guts to come and repeat these comments to me when you next see me take my kids to school.

I am happy to take any crap from anyone - that is why I have a political blog. Also, after four years of writing a column for the Western mail and the Daily Post, I accept that my comments are there to be shot down.

I have enjoyed the blog banter I have had with people from different political backgrounds over the last few days but it is clearly unacceptable for individuals to think they can comment on my family just because I am standing for public office.

I will therefore be restricting this blog from now on to those genuine bloggers who are happy to sign in to discuss anything posted rather than the cowardly little shits who hide behind anonymous mails.

I wonder what other genuine bloggers think of this?


Anonymous said...

Agreed Dylan decent people would not go near someones family
it must be that you are seen as a threat and may win on may 3rd
I am not a tory but i wish you all the luck in the world the assembly needs young intelligent AMs and not the bunch of non entities we seem to attract - there are a few exceptions to that comment but sadly not enough
So dont let idiots deter you
best wishes to your family

Blamerbell said...

The blog is your space so you make your own rules. It's a shame that you have to, but clearly these anonymous posts targeting people's families are unacceptable.

In fact, anonymous slurs and insults on the whole are pretty gutless, though a lot of people don't seem to have realised this.

hedd said...

I agree. It is totally unacceptable. Personally, I'd get rid of the 'anonymous' option alltogether on all blogs. If they can't be bothered to sign up OR if they are too gutless to stand by their comments, why should they be given a platform.

Although I can't say that I wish to see you at the Assembly next year, as I'm sure you are aware I would rather see Gareth Jones win Aberconwy, I'd MUCH rather see you win than Denise Idris-Jones if that's any consolation?

It's a shame you are not standing as top Conservative in the North Wales region, because as Tories go, you're not THAT bad! ;-)

Draig O Gonwy said...

Hedd - this is perhaps where the dilemma lies for Plaid supporters because of your voting system for regional seats.

The prof ain't that bad and he would at least bring some brains and colour to the bunch we have there already.

I can just see Denise Idiot Jones or Irene James trying to scrutinise legislation put before them :(

However, it is unlikely that both Gareth Jones and Dafydd Wigley will get elected as the Conservatives are bound to increase their votes within the region, thus scuppering the great man's chances of a return to power.

I personally think the prof will win well because of the surge in Conservative support in the area BUT Plaidwyr in Llanrwst must start asking themselves the question - who would they rather see in the Assembly after May?

The prof and Mr Wigley
or Gareth Jones and Mark 'Swiss Tony' Isherwood

'nuff said really....

Anonymous said...

My own thoughts mirror what Valleys Mam said. So far the only comments Ive deleted are ones that have no relevance to the post, RESPECT's mimi-manifesto (he's got his own blog for that) and some English Democrats who tried to hijack a thread. At the end of the day it's my call, and I'll do as I see fit on my own blog.

Michael Norton said...

Agreed Dylan. Whenever incidents like this happen, the natural suspicion is that it is someone from another party but I do hope not and that it is just some random idiot.