Monday, April 09, 2007

Socialists lambast the First Minister

Fascinating article from the World Socialist Website - not usual reading in the Jones-Evans household - which looks at labour;s record on Iraq and job creation.

Two memorable quotes from the article.

One from Rhodri who states that "those concerned about the war in Iraq, he continued, were “probably Guardian-reading, chattering-class Labour supporters” whose impact would only be “slight.” The response from the site is that "these ignorant and self-contradictory comments are yet another indication of the gulf that separates masses of ordinary people from the Blair Labour government and its counterpart in Welsh Assembly".

The second is regarding job creation claims by Rhodri and his team, to which the surevy responds "The jobs Labour claims to have created are predominantly low-paid, part-time or casual work that cannot provide a decent living standard or any real future for young workers and families".

More in line with Alun Cairns than Leon Trotsky!


Glyn Davies AM said...

Isn't Rhodri's wife one of these Gaurdian reading chatterers. Could be a stony silence over the corn flakes in the Morgan household if she reads your blog - which is about as likely as you reading the World Socialist Website.

Cairns is a visionary.

Dylan Jones-Evans said...

Wouldn't know too much about the Morgan household reading or breakfast habits.

All that is clear to me is that UK issues are playing on the doorstep as you go canvassing.

Maybe that is an Aberconwy phenomenon (given the profile of the county) but Iraq and pensions are being raised regularly by the Labour and Conservative voters I am canvassing.

Alun Cairns said...

This must be the first time that I have been quoted in the same sentence as Leon Trotsky.

Then again, we Conservatives have moved closer to the Centre ground!