Monday, April 23, 2007

A marriage of convenience?

Following Ieuan Wyn Jones' comments yesterday that his party are happy to work with Labour, it seems that now Labour are so desperate to cling to power that they are considering working with Plaid Cymru, possibly in coalition.

It doesn't matter how you dress this up - coalition, political arrangement - I cannot understand for the life of me how Plaid Cymru can even consider doing any deals with this discredited labour Government, regardless of their potential new members' distaste for the Conservatives.

This is not like the budget deal last December -that was about adjustments to a programme already agreed by the current Government. This about having a historic non-Labour Government in Wales for the first time and having the opportunity to make a real difference.

Does Plaid really want to see Rhodri at the helm again; does Plaid really want to support Andrew Davies - a man who won't even have any Welsh on his election addresses; does Plaid want to support Brian Gibbons, the architect of hospital cuts across Wales?

They say that a week is a long time in politics - given the complete distaste that the electorate on the doorstep have for Tony Blair and his cronies, this could be the defining moment in this particular campaign.


Anonymous said...

Plaid won't prop up Labour. It's coalition or bust. This story reeks of Labour shenanigans. Like everything else Labour have tried in their election campaign, this one will backfire on them.

Anonymous said...

Dylan, can you email me at regarding a possible short interview for 18 Doughty Street?