Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Unholy Alliance?

This story looks set to run and run.

See Vaughan Roderick's excellent blog for the best details.

However, members of both Plaid Cymru and Labour should not be too shocked as there have been whispers of an electroal arrangement between the two parties for the last few months.

Indeed, Dafydd Wigley himself "floated the idea of a Plaid-Labour coalition ruling Wales after next year's National Assembly election" in the Western Mail last year.

As a Conservative, I wish I had thought of this strategy but clearly Labour managed to do it for us!

Could this be the defining moment of the campaign - let's wait and see....

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Ian said...

I think that it is the defining moment as Labour's main campaign theme has been shot out of the water. However, the implications are impossible to predict other than Labour will suffer from it.

It could go down as the day that the perception of Labour political domination was finally been broken in Wales-perhaps!