Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Labour Spin - what they say

I'm not a GMTV fan - I can never seem to win any of their competitions - but they had Ben Bradshaw the Minister for the environment on the box talking about recycling this morning, which is a big issue on the doorstep in Aberconwy, especially the abolition of weekly refuse collections.

When asked why his government are encouraging local authorities to undertake fortnightly collections of rubbish

"I am really glad the debate is taking place but let's get the terminology right first. It's not about fortnightly collections, it's about alternate weekly collections."

and New Labour hasn't worked out yet why people are leaving them in droves!


Anonymous said...

I'm not a GMTV fan - I can never seem to win any of their competitions

He he :)

Glyn Davies AM said...

Have to admit that I accepted that fortnightly collections were a reasonable way of encouraging recycling - but I was surprised to read a piece by Charles Clover in yesterday's Telegraph which opposes the change and makes me think again. I might post on this if I have time tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Another comment that made me cringe was that they would rather have a vermin problem that a rubbish one ------------ what are they thinking of I suppose though if we die of plague then its less Rubbish for landfill